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Simple Momentum - Leading Business Coaching Program

Simple Momentum Business Coaching Program

Simple Momentum (previously known as The Better Business Institute) is a Business Consulting and Training company founded in 1993.  Unlike most traditional consulting firms, Simple Momentum's process is structured to provide you, the business owner, with both short-term assistance and long-term training through our affordable Coaching approach. Our clients, and the thousands of clients and seminar attendees worldwide, will attest to the power of our programs.  Based on proprietary sales, marketing, and business management systems, Maximum Profits in Minimum Time, we not only show you how to increase your business revenues and profits, often quite dramatically, but also how to develop your business so that you, as the owner, can work less, relax more, and finally enjoy business ownership.  Our Business Coaches have broad and deep business experience, and are fellow business owners who have invested their time, money, and energy to make their own various business ventures successful.  Our goal in business is quite simple …to teach you a System to you reach your goals.

Why would I need a Business Coach?

Every great performer, whether an elite athlete, business legend or performing superstar, is surrounded by coaches and advisors.  As the pace in the world of business increases and becomes more and more competitive, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with changes in your industry, let alone the latest innovations in sales, marketing, and management strategies. Having a Business Coach is no longer a luxury … it has become a necessity.  On top of all this, it’s difficult to get a truly objective answer from yourself. Clearly you can survive in business without the help of a coach, but it’s almost impossible to reach your maximum potential!

5 Reasons Why You Need A Business Coach...

1.         A Business Coach can show you how to get Maximum Profits in Minimum Time.

You're working too many hours and pretty sure that if you left for a vacation, your business would face certain disaster because it doesn't run if you aren't there.  A Simple Momentum Coach will teach you a new way of organizing your time and manage your clients. This system will allow you to eliminate what you dislike doing, increase what you love doing, and improve your best results. It is very important that you understand the value of YOUR time and structure your practice for optimum results.  Many entrepreneurs end up giving their life away to their business because they do everything, and dramatically limit their income because they are focused on $10 an hour activities.  Has this ever happened to you?  With these findings, you will then start the process of balancing all areas of your life.  One client recently changed her life by applying these principles to her business – she cut her work load in half, but increased her income.  She also took off 6 months to start a family, and she still drew a salary from her business.

2.         A Business Coach can create more profits in your business.

Do you know that there are greater profits in your business, but you can't seem to locate them no matter what you do?  Your Simple Momentum Business Coach can show you the only three ways to increase your profits today.  Once you understand these principles, your Simple Momentum Coach will apply 113 proven profit and money making strategies.

3.         A  Business Coach will help you re-connect or rediscover your Passion.

So often in business, business owners forget why they started their business.  They get caught up in all the day to day aspects of the business, and forget why they loved the business in the first place, and what they wanted from the business.  A Simple Momentum business coach will take you through our Life Management System to help you rekindle and find your passions.  When you reconnect with your passion, your business will explode because you will focus only on the activities which you are excel in.

4.         A Business Coach creates accountability.

Have you ever hired a personal trainer or enlisted a friend to exercise with?  Why?  The main purpose is to push you harder than you would push yourself and to hold you accountable to your program and goals.  Ultimately, it is to get the results you desire in your exercise program.  In business, we need the same kind of partner that does not holds you accountable to your own goals.  A Simple Momentum Business Coach will guide you through a goal setting session which will be the basis for your accountability.  By doing this, your Coach will get more out of your business, and in turn, you will be more profitable and focus on the things that you want to.

5.         A Business Coach provides an expert second opinion.

Have you ever had a solution staring you in the face, but you couldn't see it because you were too close.  Well, your Simple Momentum coach can see the forest for the trees, and is an expert who isn't blinded or trapped into thinking only what the industry does.  Your Business Coach will ask you the tough questions that will get you out of your box after being in business for so many years.  And, a Business Coach will keep you on track as well as navigate around the changes in the economy and your market.

Will it cost me more to implement the strategies?

Give your Simple Momentum Business Coach just half an hour and you’ll see how to turn your marketing effort into an investment that will yield sales and profits rather than just running up your expenses.  In most cases we’ll actually save you money by exposing approaches that aren’t working for you. And yes, you’ll likely have to spend some money to make some.  When you follow our simple testing and measuring systems you’ll never again risk more than a relatively few dollars on any one campaign. When we establish ideas that work, we make sure you keep profiting from them, time and time again.

Remember, if you use the traditional ‘accounting’ way of reducing costs, you’ll add just a few percentage points to your bottom line. Following our formula, you’ll soon appreciate that by driving sales, marketing, and income growth, your possible returns become exponential … the sky’s the limit, as they say.

Are there any Guarantees?

To put it bluntly … no! We won’t promise any specific results, nor will we guarantee the goals you set will become a reality.  And this is because we’re your coach …you’re still the player, and it will always be up to you to ’take the field.’ We will push you, cajole you, help you, be there for you, and even do some things  with you … but in the end; you’ve still got to do the work.  Ultimately, only YOU can ever be truly accountable and responsible for your own success.

We can guarantee to provide the best service and support available, to answer your questions and  challenges promptly, and with the most current and appropriate processes and approaches. And last, but not least, your Simple Momentum Business Coach is fully committed to helping you become successful, whether you like it at the time, or not.

That’s right. Once we’ve helped you set your goals and create your plan, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you reach, and stretch, and strive with all your might, to achieve your goals … and all you desire.

At the same time we’ll be sure to promote balanced living as an overriding theme in all we do. This is to ensure you never compromise either the long-term health and success of your company, or yourself.  Most importantly, your personal values, and what’s important to you won’t be compromised.

What results have other business owners had?

Results have ranged from those previously working 60, even 80 hours a week, to now working just 10 … right through to increases in revenue of 100’s to even 1000’s of percent.

There are three fundamental reasons our approach will work for you in your business … First, your Simple Momentum Business Coach will help you become 100% focused on your goals and the step-by-step processes which will help you achieve them. This focus alone will have an extraordinary effect on both you and your business results.

Second, we will hold you accountable to get the things done you’ve committed to, not just for the day-to-day running of your business, but for the dynamic growth your business will experience. You’re investing in your success and we’re going to help you achieve it.

Third, we’re going to teach you, on a one-on-one basis, as many of the hundreds of profit and business building strategies and approaches as you need. So, whether your goal is to make more money, or work fewer hours, or both … your goals can become a reality … and within the next 12 months. 

In what areas will you be coaching me?

We will work with you in eight key areas …and the emphasis in each will depend on you, your business, and of course, your goals.

As we begin to work with you, we will ask you to look at the big picture of your business.  This is the big picture of marketing. It gives you an overview of all our objectives in the program. You'll find countless practical, profit-building ideas that you can apply today - many of them involving absolutely no cost!  You'll get dozens of down-to-earth, yet powerful lead generation strategies.

1. USP – Unique Selling Proposition

How would you like to set your business apart from your competitors so potential customers choose you first... regardless of price? Simple Momentum will show you how to create this powerful marketing tool.  A USP is the cornerstone of all your marketing. You'll learn how to take the focus off price so you are not forced to discount, and even put your prices up without losing customers. Discover how to make your business become the clear choice to do business with amongst all your competitors. Simple Momentum will also show you how to use your USP to educate your customers so you increase the level of their expenditure with you.

2. Life Management System

Simple Momentum will also introduce you to a new way of organizing your time. This system will allow you to eliminate what you dislike doing, increase what you love doing, and improve your best results. It is very important that you understand the value of YOUR time.  By understanding the value of your time, we will begin establish what you need to be doing, what you need to outsource, and what you need to delegate.  This is probably the most important thing in business today.  Many owners either end up giving their life away to their business because they do everything, and they dramatically limit their income because they are focused on $10 an hour activities.  With these findings, you will then start the process of balancing all areas of your life.  Discover how David from Sydney went from earning $90,000 per year to earning $497,000 within 18 months.

How would you like to discover a FREE DAY?  How about many FREE DAYS?  We will teach you how to dramatically increase your income and quality of life by taking more time off.

3. Client Experience

Often times, the Client Experience is often overlooked as you develop a marketing plan.  We have discovered this to be one of the most important marketing tools you have.  A great client experience will drive referrals to your business, tons of repeat business, and make your business be the talk of the town. 
There's nothing more frustrating than losing customers to your competitors. Here, you'll learn techniques that create unbelievable loyalty so that, despite cheaper prices from your competitors, customers stay with you. You'll discover highly effective techniques to get customers to spend more and come back more often. This alone can dramatically increase your profitability without bringing in one new customer.

The telephone is often the first experience many customers will have with you business, so it is important to have a great system in place.  Simple Momentum will show you how to turn complaining customers into delighted advocates and how to give your business a highly professional image that makes customers want to deal with your business. Learn extremely powerful, yet easy-to-apply telephone techniques to turn price shoppers into customers.

4. Follow-up / Communication Strategy

Simple Momentum will help you establish an effective communication strategy with your clients and prospects.  You will discover how to increase the lifetime value of your clients through powerful offers, as well as keep your business at the forefront of your prospects minds.  Discover the secrets that experts use to make letters stand out, get read and make literally millions of dollars. You'll find nine strategies to get your letter past the 'Gatekeepers' and how to increase your response rate by 50% or more. Discover the easy way to write dynamic copy and opening statements that grab your reader’s attention so your letter doesn't end up in the 'round' file like all the others. You'll get 25 pre-crafted letters that you can easily adapt to suit your business. This takes the hard work out of letter writing and saves you valuable time.

A newsletter can be a powerful strategy that can double your sales. Learn how to save money on production and make a profit from your newsletter. Discover how to use your newsletter to test marketing campaigns so you don't waste money and simple ways to take the pressure off writing it.

Many business owners know that he/she should collect our customer’s information, but what do we do with it then.  What information should we be collecting, and again what do we do with it?  In this section, Simple Momentum will show you how to set up your database, what information you should be collected, and then what to do with it.  We will show you how clients have doubled their business by marketing to their existing database.  Discover how one business generated an extra $250,000 per month by marketing to its database of prospects.

5. Referral System

Most businesses rely heavily upon 'word of mouth' for a large percentage of their new business, yet surprisingly, not one in ten has a system to take control over this. Simple Momentum will give you eight proven techniques to bring in an endless stream of the very best leads you'll ever get - referrals. You'll find a host of extremely effective examples and the keys to making them work. See the referral system a salon owner used to generate 1200 new clients in the first 90 days of opening his doors!

6. Joint Ventures

People do not like doing business with people they do not trust.  Joint ventures are a good way to overcome this lack of trust. They are a great way to make a lot of new sales and add a lot of customers to your mailing list. The reason they work so well is that you are benefiting from the time, money, and effort someone else has put into developing a relationship with their customers. Building this sort of relationship takes time and is also expensive.  By having another business endorse you, your product or your company, you are ‘piggy-backing’ on the trust they have built with their customers.  Simple Momentum will show you several different types of joint ventures you can set up to grow your business.

7. Advertising

Do you feel you sometimes waste money on advertising? Most people do.  Simple Momentum will give you proven formulas that dramatically improve the response of your ads. You'll learn how to spend less on advertising and get better results. Learn how to create irresistible offers that cost you nothing. How to halve your advertising costs. Find out the twelve power tips that will instantly increase your response rate.  You will also discover how to create effective headlines, headlines that will stop your target market in their tracks to find out more about your offer.

8. Systemization

This is one of the most crucial components of any business.  This is what actually makes your business become a business.  Too often a business and its operations are held captive in one person’s head or even worse created on the fly.  In this section, we will show what functions of your business can be duplicated and automated.  This will free up your time as an owner, make your staff more productive, and give your business greater value.

When is the best time to get started?

Yesterday, of course! Seriously, Right Now! Today! This minute! Before you take another step! Waste another dollar! Lose another sale! Work too many more hours! Miss another family event! Forget another special occasion!  Far too many business owners wait. They wait for when things will slow down or to get through their current projects. Then, they never do because there is always some other project that comes up. They’re waiting for the "perfect" time to start.  The reality is they’ll never get started unless they just start.  Others wait for something mystical or magical to happen that will instantly transform them and their business into the "one" of their dreams. Or, they believe just working harder will make it all better. It almost never does!  Remember, what you know got you where you are. To get where you want to go, you’ve got to make some changes ... and more than likely learn new things.  There is no time like the present … right now … to get started on your dreams and goals.

How do I get started?

Get back with your Simple Momentum representative. Register for your strategic business coaching session to start your breakthrough. Click here to schedule your session.

You’ll have to invest a few hours bringing your Business Coach up to speed on your business. Together you’ll create a plan ... and that’s when the ‘work’ starts.  It may seem like a big job at first, but with a Business Coach, you’re sharing the load ... and together you’ll accomplish great things.

Check out all our coaching programs.

Here’s what others say about working with an Simple Momentum business coach ...

"In the hour and a half that it took for Jesus to go through this seminar, I learnt 70% more than I ever did in a whole semester in college!"
Elizabeth Clements, Paw Prints.

I am on track to earn more in my first 6 months than I did last year!
Tim Small, Fort Worth, TX

"2 Joint-Venture deals in 2 days with a potential of 3500 warm leads!"

How has Power Sales Seminar helped you?

"Since Sunday I have 2 JV's [joint-ventures] with accountants providing potential leads into some 3500 other businesses in my local area, I have a JV with a Telesales and Sales outsourcing company, and I am now potentially a business partner in a Chinese Herbal Medicine company, not bad for 2 days work!" 
Steve Crane - BBI Consultant,Haywards Heath

Dear Jesus,

Let me first start by saying THANK YOU...

I was totally confused and admittedly lost when it came to the direction of my businesses. Buy that's when you (BBI) stepped in and totally changed everything.

After our brief conversation, I was inspired...no I was on fire. For the first time in my business life, I knew which direction to take. In fact, after taking your advice our sales increased by $30,000 within 18 days.

Jesus...let this letter serve as a reminder to all of us that we are just 1 idea from making a fortune...all we need are more people like you to provide that help.

From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate all your help and support...

Ifty Bukhari, London, England

We have built a financial education company based on the principles we learned from the Better Business Institute and we have sold over $12 Million worth of information products in our first 18 months of that business."
J.Giann. Melbourne Australia.

"I made over $40,000 in sales following the Better Business Institute system in my first 30 days! I am very happy with that."
A.Bonnet. Melbourne, Australia.

I have been working with Jesus Balderas of The Better Business Institute since March 2004. Over the course of that time, I have found Jesus' direction and help invaluable as a business coach and mentor in the field of marketing and consulting.

I have been able to replace my previous income as a professional advertising sales rep, and we are working together on strategies to double and triple my current income. I'm excited about my new profession and my future as we continue to move forward.

Jesus has been there for me when I needed him, and he has always made himself accessible; I sincerely appreciate that. Jesus' professionalism, tact, knowledge and experience in these fields make him a tremendous asset to my business.

I would recommend the BBI System and/or hiring Jesus as a business coach.
David Hyden - Prosper Marketing Systems

"Progression-based training makes an impact"

I felt this latest powersales was very good. The whole concept is excellent in terms of repeating the powersales every five or six weeks to build upon our experience in the field. 
I personally have benefited hugely, what I found at first a bit confusing and a little difficult to understand, is now clearer having read more of the materials and put them in practice. Also going through the pain of exposing some of my weaknesses as I'm trying to build my business, things you've highlighted I may experience. 
The changes introduced were good, i.e. the seminar practice, and the session on Sunday where we talked about goal setting and getting started, excellent very helpful.
What this knowledge is worth?...-Ifty what can I say, you know the answer to this, I really can't say anymore. The materials and the training are a goldmine of information and knowledge. The operative words here are "if they are applied".
Networking with the other consultants...Very useful, sometimes working on your own can be very lonely, but developing good relationships with people is great for countering that loneliness as well as swapping ideas and giving support etc.
What about your results...I have had limited results so far, but that's not a problem with the materials or training, I need to pull my finger out a bit more. Going forward, now I have more clarity about what I'm doing I feel very very confident. 

Neville Stimpson London

Business expands into 12 countries in 11 months using BBI techniques

As you already know Lifeline Europe began as a relatively small business. As a result of the techniques & strategies that you have taught us we made a quantum leap in terms of sales whilst creating a very powerful brand.
To date we have a portfolio of penetrating 12 countries with our products, all within 11 months.
I’ve been involved in both sales and marketing for the greater portion of my life. And I can honestly say that the techniques that I have learnt from you are some of the the most powerful and effective that I have ever come across.

- Mr H. Volkan, Marketing Manager, Lifeline Europe

"750% increase in sales within 90 days!"

Ifty, just to let you know that your techniques have increased the sales of our training courses by 750% in 90 days!!! The numbers speak for themselves. What more can I say”
-David Levine (Computill)

Electrician makes $25,000 in 8 weeks - then takes a vacation.

"This information has opened my eyes to a new world, at first I was skeptical of paying my money. But after a few consultations I realized I needed this information. I have made in 2 months what I would have made in about 6-8 months, it was amazing."
David Owsnett , Owner

"Psychologist sees an immediate increase in profits"

I felt compelled to write. After coming into contact with the Better Business Institute, I feel that a new world has opened up to me. Your marketing strategies are so simple and effective I am surprised everybody isn't using them. Thank goodness they are not. I'm so glad we met when we did. My profits are expected to rise by 127%. 
Thank you for your insight and knowledge.

Dr Gary Sage, G.Sage & Associates

Hair salon gets back old 'forgotten' clients

We have had an amazing response to the 'We've Missed You' letters and cannot thank you enough for your continued support. You seem to have a way of communicating with prospective clients that is quite amazing, certainly a skill I would like to learn.

I have attached a modified version of your already superb letter for thanking clients for their kind recommendation and would greatly appreciate your valued comments. I am about to set up the bronze, silver and gold referral system you taught me and will let you know how I get on. I don't know if your are still holding your taster seminars but if there is anything I can do by way of a testimonial or anything else please do not hesitate to ask.
Peter Nicholaides, Cutting Bay

Attorney increases business by 77%

"By teaching us the BBI's techniques we've seen a 77% increase in business in just our lead generation. I can't wait to see the results applying the client retention program and branding techniques"
Charles Simmons, Attorney

"Website owner makes £1838 with a single text message"

"I've go to admit I didn't think these ideas will apply to my type of business. How wrong I was. Just one technique from you added £1838 pound to my bank balance in 1 1/2 hours. All I did was send a text message to my existing customers." 
Sikander Khan, Logoboy.co.uk

"Retail business owner gets life back after 20 years"

"Ours is a retail business and competition is fierce. You taught us not to compete on price but value. So that's what we did. We've seen a 31% increase in our revenues and it's expected to rise. But the real beauty is that you showed me how to get out from behind the counter and and focus on building the business. No longer do I fret about the little things everyday things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"
Bill Khan, Shekhana computers
P.S. where were you 20 years ago?

Time Management Solutions has been using your BBI  products for just over 1 year to drive our business with success and at the same time have using the products to show other people in business how through proven sales and marketing strategies they can do the same.

The rules are simple, so if you follow them you will be able to Get More Customers Get Them To Return More Often, Spending more each time. The Better Business Institute has also helped us meet like minded people who have the same goal in mind which as we see it is to work with business owners implementing effective, innovative, low risk, sales & marketing strategies, through optimizing your current systems, with little extra effort and little to no additional costs, we exponentially increase your sales, bottom line profit and overall satisfaction by getting more customers, who spend more, and more often.  100% guaranteed.
Kevin and Andrea Krsinic, Time Management Solutions

50% increase in business is just the beginning...

"Since purchasing BBI's products and following his strategies, we have increased our newsletter subscribers, paying members, and affiliates by more than 50%! We've seen amazing results already -- and we've only just started to implement his teachings! I STRONGLY recommend BBI's products and services to EVERYONE interested in running a successful business!" 
James Hatfield

The range of skills and attitudes I have learned from BBI and Peter Sun, is large and diverse. Most importantly, Peter has hammered home core truths about our ability to develop ourselves by the use of application, knowledge, practice and persistence. I first started to really learn about direct response advertising and copywriting from BBI, some six or more years ago. Now I am a consultant in this field and have several customers who retain me on a monthly basis to handle all their work. BBI also gave me the tools to effectively market my business, and other people's businesses, particularly through the use of effective copy - this is a life long skill, which will earn me tens and hundreds of thousands in the future. I think one of the outstanding distinctions about Peter is his whole-of-life integrity... he actually walks the talk... he is a living example of the fruits of a carefully chosen disciplined diet, emotional, and professional life, but Peter has his feet on the ground enough to stop and talk to those to whom life has dealt hard circumstances. I use the material I've learned from BBI constantly, whether I refer to it in a manual, book or report, or whether it's something that I've gleaned from Peter during a seminar and has remained in my consciousness - to be activated when needed by the RAS!... I sometimes find myself thinking: "What would Peter Sun do in this situation"

Many thanks Peter for being an outstanding role model. 
Peter Cutforth

Well my story wouldn't fit on this page, however I will try to give you a brief testimonial.

I began to build a small business fro scratch back in 1997 called The Chilli Man based in Muswellbrook NSW. Our first year turnover was $35,000 then $69,000 and then I had the pleasure of reading some of your material and took my turnover from $69,000 to over $1,000,000 in less then three years without any machinery. We manufactured by hand chilli sauces and exported them all around the world and only had a staff of three people but we did have some good marketing that I used from one of your manuals. I will post you more details to explain it in full.

Brett Ephinstone


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